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  How do we make our glasses?

The optician team is top in the industry with EU CE Certification, U.S. FDA Certification, and membership in the American Optometrists Association. Our professional laboratory and processing center is equipped with the most advanced technologies in the industry to give you the best prescription eyewear.

  • Step One: Our lab technicians choose your lenses from preformed plastic blocks that include variants particular to your glasses prescription.
  • Step Two: Your lenses are semi-finished and blocked in order to be ground into shape by our advanced technology generator.
  • Step Three: Using a template specific to your lenses' prescription and frame shape, your lenses are then processed through a generator which is programmed by a technician to make them the correct shape and optical power.
  • Step Four: Lenses go through a polishing stage which makes them crystal clear.
  • Step Five: To match lenses with your frame, they are edged and marked up.
  • Step Six: The accuracy of your lenses' prescription is checked, they are then cut into the correct shape for the frames.
  • Step Seven: To make them ready to fit perfectly into your frames, a hand-edging technique is used which makes your lenses edges completely smooth.
  • Step Eight: Lenses are dipped in dye and coating chemicals that bond perfectly with their surface and achieve tint or coating requirements specific to your order.
  • Step Nine: Once rechecked for prescription accuracy and put through our quality assurance standard check, your new eye glasses are ready to go to fulfillment for packaging and delivery!

Note: Not all lenses go through every step. The less complex prescriptions will skip a few of the steps above. All of our glasses are made strictly adhere to ANSI Z80.1-2005* issued by The American National Standard Institute in 2005.

*This standard applies to the processing of all prescription ophthalmic spectacle lenses in edged or assembled form. It is a processing guideline for optical laboratories applicable to prescription eyewear prior to transfer for dispensing and for the dispenser prior to the delivery of the finished eyewear to the patient. Relevant optical specifications and tolerances of this standard should apply also to uncut lenses supplied by an optical laboratory to be used in filling a specific prescription.


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