Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Injuries are the result of not preparing the body for the action about to be undertaken. On the job, on the field or in daily life, the prevention of injuries means less time spent in pain and less money spent on expensive recovery treatments. Preventing injuries, no matter the life situation, involves careful preparation and a little extra time.

Sports Injury Prevention

The sports field is often the place where athletes push their bodies to the limit. Sports injuries can be prevented as long as the muscles are warmed up before the event and the body is kept in optimal shape. Also wearing the protective equipment proper for each sport will cut down on many such injuries. Helmets, mouth gurads, various body armor and protective eyeglass frames should always be considered for contact sports. Information on preventing sports injuries can be found on various online websites.

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Preventing Injuries At Work

While many employers have Worker’s Compensation programs in place to ensure the medical care of employees hurt on the job, the cost of this insurance can hinder the financial stability of a company. No one wants to be hurt on the job and preventing work related injuries is simple when attention to detail is paid to safety in the workplace.

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Recreational and Home Injury Prevention

Not all injuries occur on the sports field or on the job. Many injuries occur in the privacy of the home or while off playing a recreational sport with friends. Just because you are not a paid athlete does not mean you do not have to follow some of the same rules regarding physical activity. Life can be pain free with preparation.

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Life without injuries is a life spent without pain. With more and more injuries occurring in young children, athletes and employees, prevention is the only solution. For more information on safely preventing all types of injuries the Government of British Columbia offers great tips.

The Ministry of Health – British Columbia