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          About Us

Welcome to This is your one stop shop for all your eyewear needs. We are a professional eyewear store selling eyeglasses, sunglasses and lenses at huge discount over ANY internet or high street shop.

 Why so cheap?

First and foremost our products are directly from factory. We have direct access to factory supplies and buy in bulk so huge savings can be passed on to end users like yourselves. There are no importers, distributors or other middlemen that add cost that you will pay for in the end. You won't even have to pay import taxes as every shipment value is declared below any threshold in your country. Furthermore our lenses are sourced directly from the manufacturers.

 Cheap equals poor quality?

Usually, but not in our case. We only source from large factories which produce using the highest quality materials and workmanship. These factories actually supply to overseas developed markets and manufacture for "own label" companies. In many cases the quality of our frames will be better than frames with luxury brand names like Prada and Gucci. If you require prescription lenses with your frames then you can be sure of the same high quality since all frames are sent to the lens manufacturers to be professionally fitted with their lenses. Essilor, American Polylite and Hoya (the brands we represent) all have huge factories in China manufacturing lenses for selling domestically and exporting to world markets.



Our glasses include:

Fashionable frames and affordable price. A saving of up to $150.00 on frames.

FREE hi-Index 1.61 super thin lenses . Another saving of $30.00 ~$60.00 on lenses.

FREE anti-reflective coating . Save $15.00 .

FREE UV 400 protective coating . Save $15.00 .

FREE scratch resistant coating .

FREE standard case and cleaning cloth.

Every pair of glasses overseen by our own optician with over 10 years experience.

SECURE online ordering .

NO RISK money back guarantee .

Friendly helpful customer support.

Happy Browsing!



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McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
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