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Frequently Asked Questions About Vision ?

What is myopia?
Myopia is nearsightedness and not being able to focus clearly on objects far away. This is a result that happens when light rays entering the eye through the pupil are bent too soon or too quickly and hypothetically are coming to focus in front of the retina.

What is hyperopia?
Hyperopia is farsightedness and not being able to focus clearly on close up. This is a result that happens when light rays entering the eye through the pupil are bent too late or too slowly and hypothetically are coming to focus past the retina.

What is presbyopia?
Presbyopia is a condition that occurs when a person reaches the age of about 40 to 45. The crystalline lens loses elasticity and is unable to constrict as well as it was able to before. Just like any other muscle in the body, this muscle gets weaker with age. The presbyopic person requires reading (eyeglasses) to accommodate the loss of vision acuity.

What is astigmatism?
An astigmatic eye is one that is irregularly shaped often resembling a football or soccer ball. It is not perfectly cylindrical and due to different curvatures to the eyeball, light rays entering the eyeball refract and bend differently with all rays coming to focus on multiple focal points. This results in blurred vision.
What is a cataract?

A cataract occurs on the crystalline lens. This is a milky white type film covering the lens and prevents light from properly passing through the eye coming to rest in a focal point on the retina. This is usually due to damage from UV rays and is more prevalent at the equator and other ozone hole areas around the world.
What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the build up of fluid causing pressure in the eye. There are two types:
·          Open Angle – this is also known as chronic glaucoma and is fluid build up caused by a blocked channel (where the aqueous humor drains).
·          Closed Angle – this is also known as acute glaucoma and is fluid build up caused by the iris pressing up against the crystalline lens trapping the aqueous humor.

What is amblyopia?
Amblyopia is more commonly known as lazy eye and results from too much muscle that is attached to the eye causing the eye to drift. This is a condition that if not corrected early in life, it may not b e correctable; eventually the brain could shut the “bad” eye off to accommodate the “good” eye. Common treatments are eye exercises, prisms in the prescription of the eyeglass lenses, and surgery.

What is strabismus?
Strabismus is a condition of the eye more commonly known as “crossed eyes”. This is a deviation of one or both eye and not holding on an object at the same time.

What is color blindness?
Color blindness is more common in boys than in girls and is the inability to distinguish certain colors from others.

What is legally blind?
Legally blind is considered to be present at 20/200 vision acuity and cannot be improved with (prescription eyeglasses) or contact lenses.

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