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LASIK Surgery Q & A

What is LASIK Surgery?
LASIK surgery is a procedure which removes very precise and minute sections of the eyeball to reshape the cornea. This is to correct vision impairment and bring a person’s vision acuity to as close to 20/20 as possible. Therefore, the procedure is performed in an attempt to remove the person’s need for corrective eyewear such as (prescription eyeglasses) or contact lenses.

I have myopia; can I get LASIK surgery?
LASIK surgery can be very successful with patients having mild myopia. For those who are myopic and have a high prescription there is a chance a second procedure would need to be performed.

I have hyperopia; can I get LASIK surgery?
Yes, LASIK surgery can be very successful for a hyperopic eye. This type of eye has more eyeball at the front of the eyeball than is needed thus causing light rays to stop and come to rest in front of the retina. Removing excess eyeball will move the light rays back to the retina.

I have presbyopia; can I get LASIK surgery?
LASIK will not correct presbyopia since this condition is due to tired muscles which are part of the aging process.

My eyes are astigmatic; can I get LASIK surgery?
LASIK can be very successful to help correct an astigmatic eye though a procedure known as AK (astigmatic keratotomy) prior to LASIK to correct most of the astigmatism.

I have lazy eye; can I get LASIK surgery?
It will depend on how severe the amblyopic eye is. A LASIK doctor can answer this question best after a complete evaluation to see if you are a good candidate.

Am I put to sleep during the surgery?
No, a patient is not put to sleep but rather is sedated and the eye is numbed with drops. In addition, a bright light shines in the patient’s eyes so there is no chance any of the procedure will be seen by the patient during the surgery.

After the surgery, will I never need corrective eyewear again?
It is not definite that you will never need corrective eyewear such as, (prescription eyeglasses). As a person ages they fall into the category of presbyopic. This is a condition that happens as we all age. The crystalline lens gets older and tire. Just like other muscles in our bodies, as we age they don’t work as well and get weaker. So do the muscles that help this lens constrict and contract to focus clearly.

Can I be too young or too old to have the surgery?
Laser surgery is safe for teenagers but isn’t something recommended for most teens. LASIK works best when performed on eyes that have stopped growing. A person usually stops growing in their late teens to early twenties.

What are the steps of LASIK surgery?
After the eyes are numb and the patient successfully sedated a corneal flap is created by cutting the cornea just short of a complete circle then folded back out of the way of the laser beam. The laser then beams off minute and very precise sections of the eyeball to reshape the cornea. Once all intended sections are removed the corneal flap is placed back over the cornea to heal naturally. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

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