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Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with 20/20 vision throughout life, and eyeglasses are a fact of life and common thread among many people. However, that does not mean that a person has to settle for unattractive spectacles. Nowadays, prescription glasses and sunglasses are just as much a fashion statement as they are a necessity. Some people even purchase eyeglass frames fitted with non-prescription clear lenses just so that they can accessorize a certain outfit or to pull off a certain "look". 

Recently, technology has also allowed eye doctors to create better lenses and coatings with features that have not always been available to patients previously. Polarized lenses are a feature used in sunglasses to reduce glare and reduce eye strain by absorbing or reflecting light through a process called polarization. Polarized lenses are laminated with a special coating that contains vertical stripes. These stripes act sort of like window blinds by allowing only vertically polarized light to enter through the glasses. 

Polarized protection is most necessary for people who are driving often in sunny conditions or regularly near water. The polarization process helps to deflect light so that the eyes are not affected by constant reflections. By blocking the glare, polarized glasses not only reduce the stress on a person's eyes, these lenses can also help people see more comfortably for longer periods of time. 

Polarized sunglasses are especially popular in sunny regions where the polarization process is needed most. This type of sunglasses is created with a special filter that is built right into the lens. Luckily, most designer eyeglasses brands offer polarized prescription sunglasses and even tinted prescription glasses that change to polarized sunglasses when the wearer enters sunlight.

With the stripes created by the special polarizing coating on the sunglasses reducing the amount of light that can enter into the eye, these special lenses cannot be used on clear eyeglass lenses. However, there is a very simple fix for this problem. Patients can simply ask that prescription lenses be tinted a very light gray to accommodate the polarized laminate coating.

There are very few negative issues regarding polarized lenses to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase this type of lens. Polarized lenses can occasionally cause a distortion effect when looking at LCD displays and movie screens. This is a very minor side effect and is strongly outweighed by the benefits.

It is easy to see that there is really no need to suffer from the blinding sun anymore. Sunglasses today are created with the wearer in mind and offer some great custom features that make outdoor life more comfortable, easier and safer than ever before. 

There are so many special coatings and lenses, such as polarized lenses, that can be worn with prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, or even added to your prescription eyeglasses. Gone are the days when a person needing prescription lenses would need a separate pair of sunglasses to replace their eyeglasses in the sunlight.

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