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Trivex Lenses

Finding the right brand of eyeglasses can be difficult because of the overwhelming number of brands on the market and selecting the right lenses is an even more daunting task; there are well known frame brands and lens brands a wearer may never have heard of before. The Cote brand of eyeglass frames is often chosen by a wearer and is made of high quality. A wearer might not think this name brand would be a good choice but the manufacturer of this frame follows strict guidelines and industry standards. Then there are the more popular brands like Calvin Klein eyeglass frames. Both brands along with thousands of others are available in traditional and online optical stores.

A prescription determines the type of frame a wearer is or is not limited to. The lower a prescription the thinner the lens will be. This means a wearer can pretty much choose any frame they want. However, high prescriptions place limits on a wearer’s choices. The higher the prescription the thicker the lens will be. Choosing a semi-rimless or rimless frame will be cosmetically less pleasing. When the wearer is selecting lenses it is worth considering how the prescription will affect the finished product.

Technology for higher prescriptions has come a long way over recent years and “coke bottle” lenses are a thing of the past. The industry understands the importance of how the wearer feels when wearing their eyeglasses. The competition to be the first to have the next greatest, thinnest, best visual acuity, most light weight, etc. is fierce and therefore the newest products are cost effective for everyone.

Lens materials best known for high prescriptions are Polycarbonate and Hi-Index. Polycarbonate lenses can hold a higher prescription in less material making it a thinner lens after fabrication. These lenses are impact resistant which make them perfect for children’s lenses, sports goggles, and safety glasses. The down side is they are the softest on the market and scratch easily; for this reason they have scratch coating protection built in to help prevent scratches.

The Trivex High Index lens has a 1.53 index of refraction and has impact resistant properties similar to polycarbonate. It was designed specifically for drill mount frames and is manufactured by Younger™ and is not as easy to scratch as Polycarbonate. These lenses have UV protection built in blocking 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Trivex lenses are also impact resistant which make them perfect for children’s lenses, sports goggles, and safety glasses. One of the newer and more popular brands of High Index materials on the market today is Trivex available in Trilogy and PNX lenses.

There are many manufacturers in the market and all claim to have the best product. This can make it difficult for a wearer to select the one right for them. An Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, or Certified Optician can help make the best decision.

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