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Hot Accessories for Eyeglasses

Eyeglass Chains

When discussing eyeglass chains many people often immediately think of long dangling chains made of large gaudy beads. Fortunately, these are no longer the only option. Eyeglass chains can be trendy and can act as a stylish accessory. There are two chain options. The most common have loops attaching to the arms of the glasses. While the glasses are being worn the chain grazes the side of the face. The other option has a large loop at the end of the chain which hangs as a regular necklace when the glasses are being worn and holds the glasses when they aren’t being worn.

Chains made of gold or silver look much like long necklaces and can be delicate to the point of being nearly invisible, or chunkier so the chain draws the attention of others. Tortoise shell chains of various lengths and widths are a great addition for a more subdued and serious frame.
Flamboyant eyeglass chains are also available. Bright colors such as turquoise, hot pink, and lime green are a great choice for people who like to be a bit over the top. There are also chains that have carvings of animals or other objects to create an even more interesting presentation.

The best thing about chains is that you can change them to fit your mood or match your outfit. They allow people to change their eyeglasses without having to actually keep multiple styles of frames around.

Eyeglass Cases

Finding a case to hold those favorite eyeglasses is as important as finding the perfect purse or wallet. The color, material, and style combine to make a powerful statement. No longer are consumers forced to settle for a clunky black plastic container to hold their glasses. Now, the choices are almost as varied as for any other fashion accessory.

Soft cases are made of a variety of materials and can be one solid color, or can create an image. These are a great choice for people who primarily want to prevent scratches or dust accumulation. Choices include tapestry-like material that has a cozy feel, to faux and real leather, or skins that have an edgier feel.

Some eyeglass cases look like miniature evening bags. These are a great choice for people who like to be a bit dressier. Sequined cases or cases in a material that matches an evening gown are an excellent choice for special occasions.

Multipurpose cases that can hold credit cards, pens, or lipstick are a great way to make this necessity even more functional. These usually have a strap to attach to a belt or wrist making it a great choice when one needs to pare down to the essentials.

Eyeglass Stands

Not all accessories are meant to be seen by others, some are just for the enjoyment of the owner. Eyeglass stands can be elegant with sleek lines or can be a bit funkier. These are a great way to store eyeglasses while making them easily accessible and a part of a stylish décor.

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