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How to Adjust Flexible Eyeglasses

Innovation in eyewear is fast approaching the same space age technology like that seen in the manufacture of electronics. Materials being used are lighter in weight, more durable and now even flexible. There is no need to worry about snapping eyeglass stems when you make a simple adjustment. Instead of replacing screws to fix eyeglass stems, some simple manipulation of flexible material does the job. Now most eyewear owners can repair their glasses without a trip to the optometrist or optician.

There are a few simple steps to take when adjusting flexible eyeglasses. The first step is to determine the type of material in your eyeglass frames. Some materials are more flexible than others. Metals are less resilient than plastic. Other materials such as memory plastic were made to move, and are able to bend and flex back into shape. Determine what type of material your eyewear is made from then proceed to make adjustments accordingly.

The term for having your eyeglasses adjusted is called fitting. Ask a professional to make these adjustments if you are not familiar with the materials in your flexible eyeglasses. Too much bending can weaken some metals and cause them to fracture due to metal fatigue.

How to Adjust Plastic Flexible Eyeglasses 

Warm up plastic eyeglasses before trying to bend them. Either run the temple tips under warm water or use a hairdryer on a low setting. Adjust to fit then cool the tips under cold water to set the fitting and restore the plastic to its firm state.

Find the optical center by holding your glasses right in front of your eyes without bending or leaning but stand perfectly straight. Locate the place on your nose where you want the eye glasses to rest in place. The frames will be adjusted according to this position.

How to Decide What Type of Adjustment to Make 

  • Determine whether your glasses are too low or too high on the nose.
  • Figure out whether the frames are too loose or too tight.
  • The glasses need adjusting because your eyeglasses slide down on your nose.
  • Eyeglasses pinch the side of your head.
  • The glasses are uneven, caused by a misalignment between the ears and eyes.

Once the assessment is made as to what type of adjustments are needed, take the steps to get the desired results in eyewear fitting. Since the situations listed above each warrant a different procedure, it is best to know how to fix certain problems with eyeglasses.

Steps in Adjusting Flexible Eyeglasses  

  • Determine which type of adjustment is needed.
  • Bend the frames slowly in the direction that will correct eyeglass positioning.
  • Check the fit before cooling the frames if they are an older conventional type of flexible eyeglasses. The newer titanium glasses require less preparation.
  • Look in the mirror with head held straight to see if the glasses sit properly on the face without any tilt. If not, try turning the nosepieces either in or out.

The latest in flexible eyewear is an alloy of titanium which renders the frames more flexible than steel, but lighter weight. If you need help understanding how to fix your eyeglasses, videos are available on the internet. The eyewear industry is making rapid advances in design and composition for glasses, so it is important to read about the new style you may have recently purchased. For more information about your flexible eyeglasses, contact your optometrist.

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