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10 Common Activities That Can Be Dangerous for Your Eyes

Eyes may be the most delicate part of the body. There are many everyday activities that can be harmful or dangerous for the eyes. Adults and children who are active should be extremely careful during physical activities in order to avoid eye injuries. Some of the most common types of eye injuries are a result of common everyday routines.

Ten common activities that may pose a danger to eyes are:

1. Outdoor activities involving sun exposure. A common hazard for eyes is prolonged contact with the sun its ultra-violet rays. These powerful rays can cause permanent, irreversible damage to the inner part of the eyes. Sun bathing and other outdoor activities contribute to UV exposure.

2. Excessive television viewing poses another risk ,  Not only are your eyes constantly adjusting to focus on different colors, sizes and objects, but they are often focused on the screen at close distance for long periods of time. This type of eyestrain can cause headaches, burred vision and other serious complications.

3. Playing video games for hours is another culprit that can effect eye stress. The video games are constantly changing and the images are moving and popping out. The eyes work hard to follow everything and keep it all in focus.

4. Sitting at a computer for a long time can cause eyestrain as well. Although there is no scientifically proven evidence that computers are harmful to the eyes many people complain of eye related complications from jobs that require prolonged computer use. A new name for computer eye stress is “Computer Vision Syndrome” this is referring to the burred and fuzzy images you start to see when you have been sitting and staring at a computer for a long time.

5. Playing sports is another familiar activity that can lead to serious eye injury. Certain sports involving small balls like tennis, racquetball, baseball and Ping-Pong pose a high risk for eye injury. Any sport where an object is loose or flying through the air can be dangerous for your eyes.

6. Smoking is a threat when it comes to the health of your eyes. Smokers have a higher risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

7. Gardening can be harmful to the eyes because of the dirt that can be disturbed during weeding and planting. Dirt and dust molecules can cause irritation and may even scratch the cornea of the eye.

8. Mowing the lawn can be threatening to the eyes because of flying debris and UV ray exposure.

9. Cleaning the house is another task that poses eye danger. Any time you use chemicals that have harmful ingredients, your eyes are vulnerable. If a chemical or cleaner splashes into the eyes it can cause extreme irritation and may result in eye damage.

10. Swimming or sitting in a hot tub may be harmful for the eyes. The chlorine and bacteria in the water can cause eye infections or other complications. Contact lens wearers are at a higher risk for these types of complications because the lenses will hold the chemicals or bacteria directly on the eye.

Taking precautions by arming yourself with protective eye gear is one way to eliminate some of the risk factors for eye injury during the above mentioned activities. Wearing UV-protective sunglasses while sun bathing, using safety glasses when mowing the lawn or taking out your contact lenses before swimming are all safety measures that should be followed in order to protect your precious eyes and preserve your vision.

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