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What Kind of Glasses Does Sarah Palin Wear?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made the hottest fashion statement of the year with the glasses that she wore during her vice presidential campaign. After creating such a stir, people are clamoring to buy a pair of glasses just like Sarah Palin’s.

Exactly what kind of glasses are they? The answer is not surprising to those who follow the latest eyewear trends.

Palin’s glasses are rimless with titanium frames. This metal alloy is the latest technology in eyewear manufacturing. Don’t worry, the sexy Republican governor is not into heavy metal because titanium alloy is light and ergonomically correct for the face. This style is a little pricy, selling for anywhere from $300 to $700 per pair. Palin’s glasses cost $375 without the frames. For the quality and durability of this metal alloy design, the style is worth every dollar. They rank as nearly indestructible, lightweight, flexible, and smart-looking even if you are not a Sarah Palin lookalike.

Designed by eyewear fashion designer Kazuo Kawasaki, these glasses are becoming more popular since the Republican campaign. Kawasaki must have had great vision when he fitted a style for former beauty queen, Sarah Palin. Not only did he create an image for Governor Palin, he also made quite a name for himself by adorning the eyes of such a memorable face. His glasses have become a fashion trend because of the famous woman who wore them in front of international cameras.

Palin’s glasses are Model Number 704, Number 34 gray of the Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear collection. The model is a screwless, 3-point tension mounted frame. The color is labeled as gray but they shine like silver. The rectangular frames were designed to accent her eyes. Palin’s glasses were manufactured by Italee Optics, Inc.

Kazuo Kawasaki glasses come in silver, gold, bronze, pewter, graphite, matt silver, matte gold, matte brown, antique gold, forest green, purple, burgundy, black, navy blue, gray antique turquoise, antique turquoise, hyper blue, hyper gold, and hyper amber.

Regardless of color or price, these sophisticated looking glasses are all the rage in eyewear fashion trends. In great demand by manufacturers and distributors, orders come in around the clock as women around the country seek to emulate Palin’s look.

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