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How to Make Homemade Eyeglasses Cleaner

When you wear glasses, it's important to clean them often. Store-bought eyeglass cleaner can be expensive; so many people look into making their own. There are different ways to make homemade eyeglass cleaner for a lot less than what you would pay in a store.

Soapy Water Mixture

An easy way to clean your eyeglasses is to start with a medium-sized bowl of warm water. Add just a couple of drops of any type of liquid dish washing detergent to the bowl. Swirl it gently with a spoon. Then, take your eyeglasses by the arms and stir the lenses carefully and slowly through the water.

Washing eyeglasses in warm soapy water works the best to rid the lenses of any small and abrasive items that may be on the lenses. After they have been thoroughly washed, a 100% cotton cloth can then be used to completely dry them.

Alcohol Mixture

A popular recipe for making homemade eyeglasses cleaner includes a mixture of two common household ingredients. Using a spray bottle of any size, fill the bottle ¾ full with rubbing alcohol. Add two small drops of liquid dish soap. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water. Shake the mixture gently; you do not want to create bubbles. Spray the sides of each of the lenses with the cleaner, and then rub dry with a clean, soft 100% cotton cloth.

Steam Preventative Solution

This homemade eyeglasses cleaner also acts as a steam preventative. Use a ¼ bar of Castile soap, one tablespoon of glycerin and a half of a teaspoon of oil of sassafras to make this type of cleansing solution. To make the cleaner, cut the Castile soap into tiny pieces and put it in a small pot; add a small amount of water—enough to cover the soap. Bring to a boil slowly, mixing continuously, until all lumps dissolve. Add the glycerin and the oil of sassafras, stir for a minute, and remove from heat. After allowing the mixture to cool, store it in a small bottle or jar.

To use this homemade eyeglass cleaner, apply a small amount with fingertips to both sides of the lenses. Immediately polish with a soft, dry piece of cloth, polishing until the lenses become clear and dry. Repeat with the other lenses.

Helpful Tips 

Never use strong pressure on eyeglass lenses when cleaning or drying. Do not use paper towels, toilet paper or any form of newsprint to clean glasses, as this could scratch the lenses. Any cloth used should be clean and dry. A dirty towel may be carrying abrasive particles on it which could scratch the lenses. Cloths or towels that are used to clean glasses should not have been previously dried with a fabric softener, as this could cause a small amount of smudging. Fabric softener film is very difficult to remove, so be sure to use the appropriate cloth.

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