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How to Put on Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

Eye shadow can complement and accentuate your eyes. For blue eyes, use blue, grey, deep browns, or purple shadows or pigments. Look for eye shadow trios with at least one dark color and two lighter colors, all in the same color family. People with brown eyes should choose greens, browns, deep reds, burgundy, or violets to bring out the color. Green eyes look best with dark green, brown, and deep reds.

How to Apply Shadow

For any eye color, create a natural look with a combination of beige shadow and a deeper dark brown or bark-colored shade. Use the lighter color on the eyelids, and add depth to the eyes by placing the darker color in the crease. Roll the shadow brush in the beige eye shadow and use short sweeping motions to add the color to the eyelid. Begin at the lower part of the lid, near the eyelashes, and work your way up to the crease of the eye. Next, take the darker color and generously place it in the crease of the eye. Create a cat-eye by swiping the darker color from the crease to the corner of the eye in a triangular motion. Add a lighter beige color to the area just below the eyebrows.

Use Color Trios

Do not be afraid to use color on your lids. Blue-colored trios, for blue eyes, green-colored trios for brown or green eyes, or burgundy colored trios for deep brown eyes can bring out the color in the eyes and complement most complexions. Choose lighter, softer colors for a conservative, daytime look. Brighter colors look best when wearing a matching ensemble.

Create Smoky Eyes

Experiment with smoky black eye shadows for a night out on the town. Use a light grey on the lids and a darker charcoal black in the crease of the eye. Blend the colors where they meet by using a windshield wiper motion until there is no harsh, visible line between the colors. Add black eyeliner on the eyelid and on the lower lid. Black waterproof mascara can finish off the smoky eye look, and it will not rub off if your eyes begin to water. Black smoky shades complement any eye color. Add a hint of blue or green to the color if you wish.

Wear darker colors to accentuate light-colored eyes. The trick is to contrast the eye color with the eye shadow color or use a deeper color than your eyes to bring out the color.

Finishing Touches

Use a concealer, a shade lighter than your complexion, directly under the brow. This will give brows a sharp-well groomed appearance, while accenting the color in the shadow and your eyes. The concealer also highlights eyes. Next, add concealer under eyes to hide circles or dark spots. Blend the concealer and add a dab of foundation for a natural look. Finally, consider applying false eyelashes to complete the look. False eyelashes can bring out the color in the eye shadow and make eyes look glamorous or exotic.

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