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8 Ways to Make Your Eye Color Pop

A person's eyes are one of the first things other people notice, so it's important to play them up as much as possible. The eyes can be as mysterious and beautiful as you make them. Brown, green, hazel, or blue—eye color doesn't have to be boring. Play up your eyes by using these eight techniques to make your eye color pop.

Choose clothing that complements your eye color.

If you have light blue or green eyes, choose dark clothing for contrast. If your eyes are a medium blue, consider denims and navy blue items that will match your eye color. If you have brown eyes, choose clothing that will bring out the richness of the color. Deep reds such as burgundy serve as a stunning foil against brown eyes. If your eyes are a golden color, wear clothing with a hint of gold in it. Green eyes really stand out against pale yellows or deep greens.


If you don't want to be limited to only a few color choices in your clothing, accessorize to bring out your eye color instead. Consider wearing a scarf that exactly matches the color of your eyes, or wearing a hat, pulled low on your forehead, that matches or enhances the color of your eyes.

Choose appropriate jewelry.

Another way to make your eye color pop is to choose jewelry that will enhance your eye color. Gold earrings look stunning with brown eyes, while blue and green eyes are enhanced more by turquoise or silver jewelry.

Choose glasses that complement your eyes.

If you wear glasses, keep in mind that they are the most important jewelry you can purchase for your eyes. Choose quality, classy frames that will enhance, not hide, your eyes. If you have large, dark colored eyes, you can get away with heavy, modern frames. If you have lighter colored eyes, consider a frameless style of glasses, or glasses with a slight silver wire frame.

Use makeup to enhance your eyes.

Makeup is a tried and true method of enhancing your eye color. Brown eye shadow and mascara are frequently used to make blue eyes look bluer, while brown eyes sparkle under gray or blue-toned eye shadow. Green eyes look good with any color eye shadow. Mascara is a must to enhance your eye color. Apply brown mascara for blue eyes, and black for green, hazel or brown eyes.

Consider your hair color.

The color of your hair can also influence the color of your eyes. Hair with red undertones really makes blue or green eyes pop, and blond hair looks great with deep, dark brown eyes. Black hair sets off lightly colored eyes. Consider tinting or completely coloring your hair to show off your eyes.

Take care of your eyes.

No matter how carefully you choose your clothing, hair color, jewelry, and makeup, your eye color is not going to matter if your eyes are red, puffy, and bloodshot. Take care of your eyes by making sure you get plenty of sleep. If you suffer from bloodshot eyes, use eye drops to clear them. To reduce eye puffiness, try placing a cucumber slice over each eye for five minutes. Eyes that are clear and healthy will sparkle with color

Try colored contact lenses.

If you are really daring, consider purchasing non-corrective colored contacts to accentuate or change the color of your eyes. Colored contact lenses are available in many colors and shades. Most retailers will allow you to try on sample pairs before making a purchase so you can see what looks best and make an informed decision.

Whatever you choose, remember that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so take good care of them.

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