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Movie Stars Who Wear Glasses

Eyeglasses can be chic and help anyone make a style statement. Many movie stars wear glasses. Glasses can be both functional and classy as demonstrated by some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities. In the movies, in the studios, at parties, or simply relaxing in public, more and more movie stars are seen wearing glasses. 

Square-shaped eyeglasses are trendy. Actor Adam Sandler has seen wearing eyeglasses with slightly squared lenses. His glasses have a black frame at the top and are frameless on the bottom of the eyeglasses.

Alec Baldwin is completely opposite in his taste for eyeglasses. His frames are large, black, and plastic. They are an excellent choice, because the black large frames bring the focus to his blue eyes. Actor Drew Carey wears large black frames with clear lenses. His glasses are large, round, and slightly pointed at the temple. Danny DeVito goes for simple lenses, too. His glasses are black, mid-sized, and square. Alicia Keys also wears glasses with black square-shape frames that extend to her temples. The glasses make her look sultry and mysterious, especially when she wears black smoky eye shadow. Demi Moore seems to prefer large, black eyeglass frames. Her eyeglasses cover a good portion of her small face, and tinted lenses obscure her eyes, perhaps protecting them from camera flashes.  

Some movie stars have been known to don small round eyeglasses, Alex Trebek is best known as the host of the game show Jeopardy, but he has appeared in several movies including, The Bucket List, Charlie’s Angels, and Finding Forrester. He prefers small round silver glasses, reminiscent of Benjamin Franklin’s glasses. The silver frames complement his angular face and silver hair, and the glasses fit his scholarly image. Movie star and rapper Eminem also wears oblong silvery specs when he is out on the town. The movie star's glasses give him a simple, understated look. In fact, it appears that he is a shy, quiet subdued person in photographs taken while wearing glasses. Round frames are well documented favorite among celebrities.

Some celebrities prefer a little color in their eyeglasses. Actress and comedienne Carol Burnett wears brownish wire frames to complement her reddish hair. Who says that people should not view life through rose-colored glasses? Burnett’s eyeglasses have rose-colored lenses that make her green eyes sparkle, and the fun, non-traditional shaped frames fits her easygoing style. Diane Keaton likes colored lenses as well. She wears small eyeglasses without frames, and her lenses have a hint of lavender. The eyeglasses make her look exotic and fun-loving all at once.

Most people recognize Bobby Brown as a R&B singer and husband to singer Whitney Houston, but Bobby has appeared in a few movies and has been seen in eyeglasses many times. Brown, who has appeared in movies such as Nora’s Hair Salon, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and Ghostbusters II, wears medium-sized wire frames with blue tinted lenses. As with many other movie stars, Bobby’s personality comes through in his choice of glasses.

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