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How to Remove Saline Water Spots from Prescription Eye Glasses

Eye glasses are considered an expensive investment, especially if the glasses include different upgrades such as UV protection, anti-glare and anti-scratch coating, or are bifocals. The cost of the frames can also add to the value. It is important to care for glasses and clean them correctly when they get saline water spots on them. Besides being annoying, saline spots can cause damage to the eye glass lenses and frames. 

Regardless of how salt water spots end up on eye glasses, the result of the accidental spill can dry into a crusty white residue. This is actually salt crystals forming. Do not leave the saline residue spots on the eye glasses for too long as salt water is corrosive. It could erode some of the coatings that have been applied to the surface of the eye glasses. If it is not possible to clean the glasses right away, be sure that they are rinsed off immediately. They should then be cleaned thoroughly.

To clean the glasses, first thing rinse them to remove the crystals or to stop the crystals from forming. If the crystals are left on the glasses, they may scratch and damage the surface of the eye glasses when an attempt is made to wipe the residue off.

Next, use commercially available lens cleaning solution. This is the best option to remove saline spots from glasses, and can be bought from any eye glasses store or at the optometrist’s office. The ingredients of the eye glass cleaner are a carefully guarded industry secret, but it is said to contain solutions that have anti-fogging, dust repellant, protective coating and anti-static properties. Not only is the solution designed to be mild enough not to affect the coatings on the lenses, but it is also designed to protect the eye glasses from any future harm. The actual cleaning process is as simple as spraying the cleaner on the lenses and wiping them with a soft micro-fiber cloth.

If the commercial cleaner is unavailable, the next best way to remove saline spots from eye glasses is to use regular hand soap. Make a solution of the soap by adding a few drops to a glass of water. This soap solution is mild enough to preserve any coating that may be on the lenses and still clean saline spots.

Do not remove the saline spots with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any other homemade chemical solution. These substances are ineffective as eye glass cleaners, and could cause more damage to the glasses than the saline itself.

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