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Upcoming Trends in Eyewear

This year is destined to have more serious undertones than previous years. Many people are concerned with their careers and finances now, and the newest trends in eyewear reflect those sentiments.

Trends in Eyewear for Women

One of the hottest trends this year will be professional glasses that embrace the more grounded or bookish look of years past. This style is characterized by thick frames that surround the lenses. Dark, monochromatic colors dominate this style but some patterns and lighter color choices are available. These are perfect for people who want to convey a sense of professionalism and knowledge in their field, and are also an excellent choice for students or educators.

While the more somber trends in eyewear will dominate that does not mean frames this year can’t be fun. Fun frames with bold colors and patterns can be found in the same lens wrapping style. This gives the wearer a sense of individuality along with the more substantial frame. Some of these more lighthearted frames may have a thicker top frame in dark color like black or plum, leaving the bottom of the lenses unwrapped. This creates a bold statement and is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out a bit more. The arms of the glasses may incorporate bold colors or cut out patterns to bring more of an edge to the design.

As a counterpoint to the professional and edgy designs a reemergence of feminine motifs are being offered. Jewel tones such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire are available, again with the thicker frames. More traditional colors are being enhanced with floral motifs that are etched or carved into the arms of these flirty spectacles.

Trends in Eyewear for Men

The trends for men this year are heavily influenced by stereotypes for various decades. Frames that look as though they belong in a 1950s movie are sure to be popular this year. Large frames the surround the lenses in dark colors such as brown and black are a Clark Kent favorite. These are an excellent choice for someone who can make geek look sexy.

A less intense choice has a 1960s feel. Thinner frames that only surround the top half of the lens are a great way to bring back some retro charm without being too overt. Theses glasses tend to have a golden hue, either a rich topaz, caramel, golden brown, or bronze. They allow the wearer to achieve a more intense look that is wearable by almost anyone.

For people who don’t want to live in the past, a high tech choice is more appropriate. There are a number of designers focusing on a more modern look with sleek, brushed metal frames. While the rectangular shape is popular throughout the trends this year, these frames tend to be thinner than the other choices. The frames typically wrap around the lens, much like the 1950s options, but the rounded corners and thinner frames make them appear more futuristic. These are an excellent choice for people who are focused on looking forward.

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