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How Do You Twirl Your Eyeglasses on Your Fingers?

It may be a nervous twitch or a way to pass the time during a boring  business meeting but twirling eye glasses can become an art if you do it right. Eye glasses aren’t just for seeing anymore. They have become a tool or toy used for entertainment.

Eye glasses should stay on the face, but they are fun to play with as well. People tend to tap their glasses or twirl them if they are bored or even nervous. You can find people twirling glasses in all walks of life. Executives may twirl their glasses during a board meeting or while deep in thought. A student could be caught twirling their glasses while listening to a lecture or sitting in a study session. Even a favorite teacher may twirl his eye glasses during class waiting for the students to finish a test or an assignment.

To become a successful eyeglass twirler, you should find the method that works best for you and stick with it. Are you a two finger twirler or do you like to use your entire hand and all four fingers? You decide which technique works best for your twirling needs.

There may be several ways to twirl eye glasses, but one of the most popular ways is to hold them by one of the stems and twist them around. If you hold them down on the end next to the ear piece then you can get them to twirl faster. Twisting them between your index finger and thumb will help you pick up speed while twirling. It is important to make sure you have a tight grip on the glasses so that you do not send them twirling across the room. Hitting another person with your eye glasses is not part of the twirling process.

Another option is to hold the stem of the eye glasses lightly and use gravity to help you spin them, move your arm in a circular motion to make them twirl around. This action will almost look like helicopter propellers spinning if done correctly.

Another way to twirl your eye glasses on your fingers is to use the entire body of the eye glasses. This process is more difficult and requires practice and skill. Small eye glasses work best for this type of twirling procedure. Thread the eye glasses through your fingers much like you do when you are twirling a pencil; you move your fingers up and down to twirl the eye glasses back and forth.

Although eyeglass twirling may be amusing, it is not recommended for the uncoordinated person. Eyeglass twirlers and wannabe-twirlers should proceed with caution. A first-time twirler should not use an expensive pair of eye glasses for practice or it could end up being an expensive hobby. If you want to try twirling your eye glasses then start with an old pair and work your way up. Strong hand-eye coordination is essential in order to prevent mishaps including dropping, breaking, or throwing the eye glasses. Good coordination and a sense of humor are the best qualities for a successful eyeglass twirler.

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