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Geek Chic – Why Glasses are Cool

Many people will need glasses to correct their vision during the course of a lifetime. There is no reason to worry that you will be seen as a geek. Glasses can boost your appearance and act as a fashion accessory. Here are some reasons that glasses are cool, and some tips for picking out the frames that will best accentuate your good looks.

Squinting, Tripping, and Crashing Are Not Cool

Not being able to see clearly is not cool. Though you may not notice it, you are probably squinting if you are nearsighted and not wearing glasses. Squinting contorts your face and makes your eyes look smaller. Tripping over unseen objects does not make a good impression, and glasses can help you to avoid such embarrassment. If you require vision correction and decide to drive without it, you can get into a car accident, putting your life and other people’s lives in danger. If you can see, you are more likely to make eye contact with other people as well, which does a lot to boost your popularity.

Why Stop at Shoes and Earrings?

Glasses are a fashion accessory. Frames come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Many are affordable enough to enable you to buy more than one pair. Wearing simple metal or light-colored frames can help you to appear more serious at the office or in the classroom. For a party, black cat’s-eye frames can spice up your outfit. Chunky bright-colored plastic frames can help you to fit in at the coffee shop or artist’s gallery. An optician can also tint a pair of lenses for you so you can enjoy comfort and style at the beach with your prescription sunglasses.

Make the Most of Your Face Shape

Glasses can help you to elongate a round face, or add curves to an angular face. If your face is on the round side, choose frames that are square shaped. The opposite is true for those with sharper features; if that is the case, choose rounded frames. People who want to appear younger should choose frames that are slightly upswept on the outer corners, such as a subtle cat’s eye shape. If you want to attract more attention to your eyes, choose darker or chunkier frames. Frames that are very thin or light can blend in to your face and are barely noticeable. By paying close attention to your facial shape, you may be able to improve your already good looks with a great pair of glasses.

When you visit your optician to have your frames made, he or she will measure your face and will be able to advise you on which frames will be best for your lifestyle and appearance. Opticians have a lot of experience in helping people choose glasses, so take their opinion into consideration. Try on as many frames as you need to in order to choose the ones that make you look the best. Enjoy experimenting, and have fun with your new cool glasses.

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